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Senator Min Announces 10 Bills Signed into Law by Governor Newsom

(SACRAMENTO, CA) — Senator Dave Min (D-Irvine) announced today that 10 of his bills were signed into law in 2023. Going into the end of his third year in the California State Senate, Senator Min has had a total of 27 bills signed into law. The Senator’s legislation ranges from new protections for victims of domestic violence, mandatory safety and anti-theft training for gun store operators, reduced junk fees for small businesses, e-bike safety research, and more. The bills recently signed encapsulate Senator Min’s commitment to introducing transformative policies aimed at elevating the lives of all Californians, both today and for generations to come.

“I am proud of the incredible legislative record we are building in this office,” said Senator Min. “Thanks to the hard work of my staff, and the many stakeholders—including advocates, nonprofits, and local elected officials—who have worked tirelessly alongside us, we have put in place dozens of new laws that will make California a better and stronger state. Our 2023 legislative package echoes the collective voice of communities who rallied together for smaller class sizes, less red tape for small businesses, greater protections for survivors of domestic violence, and safety and anti-theft training for all gun store operators.

As Chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee, I am also proud to deliver new environmental protections for California’s open spaces and stricter standards for oil production along the coast. My profound gratitude goes out to Governor Newsom and to every one of our partners involved in helping to turn these visions into tangible realities for our community.”

The following bills authored by Senator Min during the 2023 Legislation Session:

  • SB 241: Requires annual training for federally licensed firearm dealers and their personnel via the California Department of Justice.
  • SB 290: Modernizes the Access to Domestic Violence Reports Act of 1999, ensuring abuse survivors and courts can access digitally stored evidence without financial constraints.
  • SB 381: Directs the Mineta Transportation Institute to study e-bike safety, drawing parallels with conventional bikes and global best practices.
  • SB 337: Codifies California’s visionary 30x30 goal into law, setting a target to preserve 30 percent of California’s land and coastal waters by 2030.
  • SB 434: Directs California’s top 10 public transit agencies to gather data, pinpointing and mitigating street harassment incidents, prioritizing the safety of women, seniors, LGBTQ+, and other vulnerable groups.
  • SB 475: Authorizes the placement of a new OCFA Fire Station in the City of Laguna Woods at City Centre Park.
  • SB 666: Restricts specific fees imposed on small businesses, ensuring a fair financial landscape and making it easier to do business in California.
  • SB 704: Levels the playing field and closes the 1970s era loophole in the Coastal Act, enforcing stricter compliance and ending unchecked oil and gas developmental projects in California’s coastal zone.
  • SB 741: Amends the Domestic Violence Prevention Act to allow discovery only if specifically authorized by the court, showing good cause, enhances court discretion, and fortifies survivor protection measures.
  • SB 872: Captures true class size data and advocates for transparency in education by mandating the publication of the “California Raw Class Size Data Report.”

Senator Min's record in the California State Senate underscores his steadfast commitment to championing the interests of his constituents. This year’s legislative achievements reflect his responsiveness to the concerns of the community, resonating with their aspirations, addressing their most pressing issues, and paving the way for a prosperous future.

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