Senator Min's Summer Update

We are reaching a critical juncture in the legislative process. At the beginning of Summer, the Senate voted on over 350 bills, passing them off of the Senate Floor and moving them over to the Assembly for consideration. Now, those bills are making their way through key policy committees before they go before the entire Assembly for a final vote in August.

I am excited to share that my bills focused on domestic violence, public transit safety, gun violence prevention and cybersecurity continue to press forward. In addition, I am working shoulder to shoulder with my Senate colleagues to hire 1,000 new firefighters statewide, strengthen sentencing laws for violent criminals who attack schools or places of worship, and ensuring California maintains access to abortion.

As our state and our nation face crises on multiple fronts, I am proud to be fighting for legislation that will improve the quality of life and provide public safety for all Californians. My Senate Bill (SB) 935 is now on the Governor’s desk ready for signature. This legislation will ensure that victims of domestic violence can renew restraining orders as many times as needed in order to prevent future abuse. This is an important change in state law that will allow for greater and more expansive use of a critical legal protection that has the power to prevent cycles of violence and save lives.

I will continue to periodically send you updates on legislation, district highlights, and local resources of interest to Orange County residents and businesses. To stay current on the news from my office, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Again, thank you for the honor to serve as your representative in the California State Senate. I am so grateful for this opportunity to represent you and our Orange County community.

Yours in Service,


Dave Min
State Senator, District 37



Educator of the Year


SB 935 Heads to the Governor’s Desk:

This legislation will allow Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVROs) to be renewed as many times as necessary for victims of abuse. SB 935 addresses the lack of clarity in current law concerning whether a judge may subsequently renew a DVRO that had previously been renewed, which has led to inconsistent handling of DVROs by judges across the state and the denial of victims’ legal protections on a recurring basis.

The bill is part of a larger domestic violence package, that I have been championing this Legislative Session and includes:    

  • SB 975: Protects domestic violence survivors, foster youth and the elderly from unjust debt collection when the debt is coerced by an abuser; and
  • SB 863: Permits Domestic Violence Death Review Teams to examine near-death events and equips these teams to learn from the powerful voices of survivors.

Local Elections Reform:

The Assembly Committee on Education passed my bill SB 286.  This bill will move trustee elections for the Orange County Board of Education from the Primary to the November general election; a change that brings Orange County in line with 89 percent of the state’s elections for county Boards of Education.

Gun Violence Prevention:

From Buffalo to Laguna Woods to Uvalde, the scourge of gun violence has reached crisis levels beyond what any of us could have imagined. Addressing this issue has been at the forefront of my work in Sacramento and I am proud to report that my bills to help stem gun violence are progressing through the Assembly toward the Governor’s Desk.

  • SB 915: Prohibits the sale of firearms or ammunition on state property, ending gun shows on all public properties, including 73 state fairgrounds, across the State of California.
  • SB 1384: Enacts stricter oversight and business practices for federally licensed firearm dealers.


Educator of the Year

Safer Public Transit Systems:

This year, I am proud to carry legislation in partnership with Stop AAPI Hate, a national coalition dedicated to advancing equity, justice, and public safety for Asian American and Pacific Islanders throughout our country. Together, we introduced SB 1161, which mandates the 10 largest transit agencies in California gather data and design solutions to address the root causes of street harassment on public transit. This bill will not only keep riders safe, but will also help us build back public transit ridership as we continue our COVID-19 pandemic recovery.


Educator of the Year

My Latest Coauthored Bills:

This year, I have worked closely with my colleagues and am coauthoring key bills that will help address some of our state’s most pressing issues. Below is some information on a few pieces of legislation that will help Californians.  

  • SB 1062 - Makes investments to hire 1,000 new firefighters and creates a long-term staffing study so that we can ensure that CalFire meets the staffing and infrastructure needs for the new reality in which we live.
  • Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA) 10 - Codifies abortion rights and reproductive freedoms by amending the California Constitution to prohibit the state from denying or interfering with an individual’s most intimate decisions, which includes the fundamental right to choose to have an abortion.
  • SB 699 - Creates sentencing enhancements for specified felonies attempted or committed at schools or houses of worship. The bill would establish the Alycia “LaLa” Reynaga Act, named for the 15 year-old student killed by an intruder on campus at Stagg High School in Stockton. The bill also comes soon after the shooting at Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods that killed one person and wounded five others.

Educator of the Year

Team Min in the News:

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